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Coaching has become a popular and acknowledged way to grow and develop individuals and organisations. Internationally coaching has proven itself a useful tool to fast track management and leadership skills by creating a meaningful platform of development. Coaching is not another name for therapy – it is exclusively future oriented and enables individuals to identify, prioritise, creatively problem-solve and implement choices around achieving their goals.

It works because it assists clients to initiate a change in behaviour – unprompted – that is attuned with the demands of the world around them.

Clients are not forced or manipulated into doing so, but rather empowered to internalise the new discoveries about themselves and transform them into conscious decisions that guide their daily actions and habits.

The old adage applies: If you want different results, do things differently and do different things.

People find coaching invaluable at various life stages. It is not unusual that a coaching relationship is resumed a few times during one’s life to cater for the different challenges that might surface during these rites of passage.

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