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Do you want to stay ahead of the competition, be the best you can be and enjoy the journey? Sport psychology plays a huge part in your sporting outcomes.

We use a practical approach to performance sports coaching that understands the role of the mind in sport, which helps to get the very best out of individuals and teams alike.

Sport psychologists emphasize the use of mind training (e.g. goal setting, imagery, energy management, self-talk) when working with clients on how to use their mental skills effectively during performance situations in sport. As executive coaches, we work together with sports coaches and sport spychologits in the mental preparation of individuals and teams in line with the overall performance objectives.


Competitive sport is full of expectation and comes with high levels of pressure. It is widely accepted that a combination of first class technical ability is essential to be the best in sport, but, the most important aspect is how to make the
transition from practice into peak performance.  Our sports
mind coaching approach helps you get the best out of
your potential.


Officially appointed psychologist and mind coach to
the Namibian Olympic Team, Rio 2016

Rio 2016       Rio Namibia